Our Ranch

Resembling the Great State of Texas, the Ranch is located just 3 miles south of historic Fort Towson and only 2 hrs from the DFW Metro area. Oklahoma City is 3 hours away

The Property

Hollow Point Ranch. Two thousand acres of beautiful rolling hills and wide-open land in the heart of Oklahoma’s Indian Country. Steeped in Wild West history, originally part of the long-running Fightin’ 7 Ranch, it is land where liberty prevails and traditional American values still matter.This unique property offers lakes, ponds, pastures, woods and even the amazing Kiamichi River. And Gates Creek runs thru the property year-round.

Hollow Point Ranch is anticipated to consist of fifty 5-acre residential parcels providing privacy and security to their owners. It will contain a minimum of an additional 1200 acres of shared-ownership land available to all property owners to use as their own for recreational activities such as bicycling, horseback riding and cruising ATV trails. Owners and guests will enjoy seeing deer, turkey and even the resident buffalo herd.

The Ranch will create and maintain a relaxed and friendly atmosphere while adhering to high community standards, thus ensuring an enjoyable lifestyle for all and protection of property values.