How These 4 Remote Workers Became the CEO’s

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Jessica Hagmaier 

From Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States, Jessica Hagmaier is undoubtedly an epitome of triumph in Remote Working industry as she has worked as a Remote Worker for eight years. She commenced working with Craigslist in Houston, Texas, in the year 2012, where she mostly worked from home underboss’ supervision but then thought of going fully remote. 

Later, in 2015, she moved back to Colorado Springs and continued working for the same company as a Remote Worker and worked till 2018. In the same year, she established her own remote company in contract with other remote workers.

On being asked about how she felt working remotely and how did she grow much in this sphere, she said,

I love it! I wouldn’t have been able to jump straight from corporate America (in an office) to be fully remote without the practice of working for the company in Houston… I wouldn’t have been disciplined enough… but now you couldn’t pay me to work in an office. I also love the freedom of being able to travel and work. For example, I travel at least once every few months… I get to take my son with me and can work from anywhere in the world that has wifi.

According to Jessica, it’s very easy to blur the lines between the work-day and personal time. Also, she said that she tends to work more than she really should because she is in the process of building a business and want to take on as much work as possible and also if she’s home she’s not typically doing much of anything anyway, so why not work? As per her, it’s also easy to become secluded and used to being alone or in your routine. She makes a conscious effort to make sure she works out of the house at least a few times a week and makes time for things that have absolutely nothing to do with work.”

I wanted to know if she has faced any problems during her journey of working remotely so far. She addressed my question by saying, “No, I haven’t really had any issues there… The one issue would probably be keeping everything straight. I communicate with clients through zoom, email, and text… but also use different platforms for different clients based on their preferences. For example… I currently have one client/Partner that uses Slack, another that uses Teamwork, two that use Basecamp, I communicate with several through UpWork and even one through Discord, which is traditionally used as a gaming communication app/platform.”

Jessica conveys a message for all the peeps who all are intending to embark on their career as a Remote Worker – “Don’t be afraid to dive in… you never know what you’re capable of if you don’t try… The reason I work remotely is that I value freedom more than anything… sure I love money… but more than that, I value the freedom it affords… working remotely compounds that value exponentially.”

I wish her all the good luck for her future desires and hope she outshines all.