Setbacks begit Setups

Welp… I said I was going to be real and give you all the good and bad on this journey, so it’s time to be real.

I’ve lost two projects/clients since the last time we spoke… both of them right in the middle of the project as well (no big deal, just almost 20k in lost revenue :/ *insert headslap and crying emojis here*). The first, was somewhat understandable and expected. When we started the project, the agreed upon scope of work was a simple, roughly 10 page marketing site with e-commerce functionality. As the project progressed however, the scope ballooned, and the client ultimately needed to go with a completely different vehicle in order to achieve their desired end goal. They were happy and appreciative of the work my team and I did for them because they feel it will help shape what will ultimately be an awesome 1000+ product marketplace. 

As for the second? If I’m honest with you and myself… I simply couldn’t deliver the design/brand they wanted… My shit wasn’t good enough/right for their brand and I have to own that. Tryin to decipher what went wrong, I realized I started having discussions/signed both of these clients at the beginning of this year. This was also the same time I was at my lowest personally. 

2020 kicked my ass, and not because of COVID. For whatever reason, 2020 was the year all of my past trauma decided to kick me in the teeth every damn day, my health declined and my relationships were tested. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It literally felt like drowning on air. It was through all that I decided to sell my house and move to Dallas, which was a great thing for a lot of reasons, but it wasn’t a cure all. And by the end of the 2020, beginning of 2021, I think I was grasping at straws and desperately trying to make ANYTHING happen. So I’m sure I overlooked some signs that these two projects might not be the right fit for where I was at the time.

My company has made a lot of amazing things for a lot of amazing people, including some million dollar and more companies… but bottom line… services, especially services that center around something as subjective as design, aren’t always going to resonate with/work for every company that hires you… That however, doesn’t change the fact that there are definite shortcomings in my own company and capability I need to address and continue to improve upon. 

A year ago, shit, even six months ago, ESPECIALLY six months ago, these back to back losses may have broken me. Now, I think this actually going to help build my success (failure creates success, who would’ve thunk it lol). Why? I’ve decided to finally get my own processes and framework in place. My business has grown so fast, I’ve constantly been playing defense, and that shit ends now. It’s time for me to get REALLY clear on what my product offering is… not just what my team and I can do… but what we knock out of the park over and over again, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

So that’s where we at. You’re all caught up, LOL. There’s been a few significant setbacks, but the company is still growing, and (knock on wood) even gaining momentum… Since my last update, I’ve expanded my team by one and my sister is actually working for me part-time over the summer, (at least as of now LOL). In comparison, this time my first year in business (2019) I was still a solo freelancer living in CO. This time last year, my second year in business, it was myself, and two (maybe three?) contractors and I was preparing to move to Dallas. Now? Its myself and three-part time employees working in an actual office space in Dallas, 3-4 contractors and oh! I’m doing a barter/work exchange with a local bookkeeping company. 😀 Finally, we’re prepping for a funky and fun open house in July. More on this soonish 🙂

Life is fucking crazy. I’ll never understand why things happen the way they do, but yet here we are. All this is new to me, and even though I still have absolutely no clue what I’m doing, I’m still making shit happen. And that beats the alternative any fucking day of the week.